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Lovely review of our gig at Kidderminster Jazz Club by the inimitable and prolific Ian Mann 💙

Excerpts :

‘Tonight’s visit to Kidderminster represented something of a ‘return to roots’ for Bennett, who had spent a few days visiting friends and family in a snowy Birmingham before making the short journey to Kidderminster…..she is originally from Birmingham and retains a fierce love for, and pride in, her native city’

‘From the recent “Home Is Where The Art Is” album came “Rio De Janeiro Blue”……This was a song that was particularly well suited to Bennett’s voice and drew warm applause from the Kidderminster audience’

‘Bennett is a generous bandleader who affords plenty of space to her instrumentalists….. The singer was generous in terms of solo time and all the instrumentalists flourished in the allotted space and acquitted themselves admirably. I’d seen Kirkland, Sprakes and Matthews before and knew what to expect from them, but I was also hugely impressed with Aaron Moloney who gave an impressively mature performance behind the drums

Link to full review :