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Late 2019 to Pre-Covid

⁰In the latter part of 2019, Alex Garnett fixed up my alto sax and I attended some avant garde workshops at the LJF led by my old friend from “Mass Producers” Caroline Kraabel and by Maggie Nichols & Jason Yarde.
I researched and sourced jazz workshops to start the following year and started practicing, with a view to at least getting “Night in Tunisia” or “Recordame” together enough to play at Andy Davies’ Jam in the Upstairs Bar Ronnie Scotts.
In January 2020 I went to Mallorca to visit family and friends at the same time Storm Gloria hit (maybe a sign of what was to come!) 
In February I joined Elaine Delmar & Tina May as one of the singers in a Big Band gig in memory of Duncan Lamont who had passed away in July of 2019.
This was organised & directed by his son and took place at The 606 Club.
I’d got 15 gigs in the book including a tour of the West Country with Hannah Horton and the Craig Milverton trio, Peggy’s Skylight and at The Clarence Jazz Club in Malaga.
But then along came Covid & Lockdown…….